Urban Decay x Basquiat Review

Thursday 11th May saw the new Urban Decay x Basquiat collection launch. I was very lucky to be invited to review this new collection by Urban Decay Inverness and let me tell you this new collection is honestly my new favourite. The collection is made up of two eyeshadow palettes, one with natural golden colours and the other with fun and bright, a stunning contour and blush palette, three lipsticks and three eyeliners. They are full of playful colours as well as more natural ones so you really have options to create whatever look you want. I filmed a review video and a makeup look using the new range for my YouTube channel, with my first impressions of the products with the lovely manager for Urban Decay Inverness Fiona Lees, which you can watch here. But I am going to go a bit more in depth with my opinions of the range now that I have had some time to use them. And just FYI these opinions are all my own, not that they wouldn’t be anyway, but just in case you were wondering I thought I better tell you.

The new Basquiat collection

The first products I am going to tell you about are the eyeshadow palettes, they are absolutely beautiful! The packaging for each palette is a little piece of artwork itself, they are made from printed canvas and once you are finished with them there’s even a hook on the back so you can hang them on your wall. The eyeshadows themselves have such a beautiful texture, they are all creamy and pigmented, personally I find them very easy to use and they blend really well. There are two palettes, the first one, and probably my favourite, is Golden Griot. It has eight beautiful shades that range from matte nudes to a dark smoky navy and a bright gold. It is a very wearable palette and has both matte and satin finish eyeshadows, and is less scary to use for those who feel daunted by bright colours. My favourite shades from this palette is ‘Not For Sale’ which is a gorgeous matte rusty brick red and ‘Crown’ which is a bright satin finish gold.

The gold griot palette

The second palette, Tenant, is full of playful bright colours raging from bubblegum pink to the brightest teal, to create wearable, colourful looks. Again the pigmentation is unreal and the colours blend really well with each other, and are great for those who want to start adding colour into their look. I am really drawn to the shade called ‘Boom’, it is a really bright teal and is such an attention grabber, it is actual beautiful and I like to put this shade on my lower lash line when I’m wearing a gold eye as it really looks stunning.

Tenant Palette

Next is the contour/blush palette, Gallery. It contains two pink toned blushers, one contour shade and one highlighter. The colours work really well together create a really stunning look. The highlighter is my personal fave and adds the most beautiful sparkle to your cheeks, don’t ask me how, its probably magic to be honest. The blushers are pigmented and add a lovely glow and the contour shade is really great and although it is a warm toned shade it doesn’t look like I have contoured with an orange highlighter so it really excited me when I tried it. Again they have such a velvety texture, blend really well and the packaging again is like a piece of art in itself.

Gallery Blush Palette

I am going to talk about the eyeliners next, there are three in this collection and consist of a neon lime green, Post Punk, a neon blue, Vivid as well as a bright terracotta red, Anatomy. They are the same formula as the 24/7 eyeliners and are very pigmented, the blue is probably my favourite for the eyes and the rusty red actually makes a beautiful lip liner. I don’t get on with the green shade as much as the others but it is actually very beautiful.

The new eyeliners

Finally the lipsticks! Again there are three in this collection and have the same printed canvas packaging as the palettes, there are two natural shades and one bright. Epigram, a beautiful rust colour, a gorgeous muted milk chocolate shade called Abstract, which are both cream formulas, and Exhibition, a bright purple, which is a comfort matte and very similar to urban decay’s bittersweet if you have ever tried that but more pink in shade. They are all so different, and look good with any look created from the palettes. Epigram is probably my favourite, again with the rust colours I know, but I really like it and the anatomy eye liner makes a beautiful lip liner for it.

The new lipsticks

This collection is truly outstanding and is available now, but it is very limited so if you are intrigued by the products and want to try something you better hurry before they go out of stock. Thank you again to Fiona for inviting me to review the collection, and if you want to see the video we made showing the new collection alongside the vice special effects then the link to watch that is at the top of this post, thank you for reading, bye x



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