Makeup Tutorial on a blog?

Eyeshadow step 2

This week I discovered an old favourite, by old I mean like four months ago but that’s a long time in makeup years. Anyway I was rummaging through my eyeshadow drawer and I came upon my Kat Von D shade and light eye palette, the purple one, and created a look that I absolutely loved, but I never took a photo of, so here’s a recreation of it.

purple smoky eye
Realising now that this is not the best photo lol

And I am not gonna lie to you, I forgot how great these colours are! I used to use purple in my makeup looks all the time, from using a bright purple eyeshadow all over my eyes way back in 2008/9 before I knew how to makeup properly, and again about four/five years ago when a lovely man at the Dior counter in Glasgow told me to use purple eyeliner because I have green eyes, and since then I have been obsessed. You can do so many looks but this grungy smokey eye is definitely my current favourite eye look and I  just had to share it with you all. So yes I am going to attempt a makeup tutorial through a blog and not via YouTube … yeah I don’t know if its going to work either. Seriously though if you think this even kind of works leave a comment and let me know and I’ll do more in the future. Let me know if it doesn’t work either cause that’s just as helpful. Also apologies in advance for the weird lighting in the photos, I was sitting underneath a window and it was actually sunny for once.


So step one of this potential disaster of a tutorial is to apply an eyeshadow that is close to your skin colour all over the lid, crease and brow bone. You can choose to deepen the crease with a colour slightly darker than the first colour to act as a secondary transition colour, but in all honesty it’s probably not that necessary.

Applying eyeshadow

Now for an actual real transition colour. Apply a rusty brick red shade to the crease and outer third of the lid and blend until your eyeshadow has no harsh lines. I’m then going to add this lovely dark purple onto the outer third of the eyelid and blend that across and up into the crease. You can chose to brighten the inner two thirds of the eyelid and highlight your brow bone and inner corner if you wish but again that’s completely up to you.

eyeshadow step 2

Eyeshadow step 2

Finally blend a grey shadow into the upper and lower lash line, this acts as eyeliner, most of the time when I create this look I don’t add eyeliner and just stick to the grey shadow but again it just depends on what you feel like creating. To finish off this look I added mascara and that was me done. If you want see what this look looks like with eyeliner and false lashes I quickly applied them to one eye as you can see in the photo below.

Eyeshadow Step 3

Lashes vs No lashes

Well that was my disastrous attempt of a tutorial through blog form, again if you felt like it worked please let me know and I’ll do more posts like this. Please give this post a like if you enjoyed it and if for some reason you reeaaalllyyy liked reading this you can follow my blog by clicking on one of the follow buttons on the right hand side of the post. I am planning on posting every Thursday from now on so yeah, if you wanna read more please stick around. Thank you very much for reading, bye x

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