5 tips for sweat proof makeup!

Summer is finally here and I don’t know about you but when it comes to hot weather I immediately melt and any makeup that was once on my face has either long gone or  is hanging on by the tiniest thread. However I do have a few tips and tricks that can stop this… well mostly stop this, I mean if it’s really hot there may be a bit of meltage no matter what you do. But like, trying to prevent the meltage even when you know its not worth it can still help, even if its only a little bit. So here are my five tips on how to achieve (mostly) sweat proof makeup

Setting Spray

The first thing I would recommend is a good setting spray. There are so many brands out there who make setting spray, so it should be pretty easy to find one that is perfect for you. My favourite is the Urban Decay Chill setting spray as it not only keeps your makeup on all day but it also cools you down, which is great for those hot summer days, something that is very rare in the north of Scotland but one can dream. I would definitely recommend a setting spray if you find your makeup wants to escape when it’s warm out and you start to sweat. To be quite honest with you all I would recommend setting spray in general, it’s great! It’s also good for all skin types too, but I would definitely recommend this if you have normal to dry skin as it won’t cake your makeup like a powder would.

Setting Powder

If you are one of those lucky people who can apply setting powder without your face turning into a cakey mess it’s a good way to help keep your makeup on during those warm summer days. I know when it’s warm and you are feeling a bit sweaty the last thing you want is for your makeup to feel cakey and heavy (I mean it’s the last thing you’d want when you apply your makeup normally, but you know what I mean). Anyway setting your face very lightly with powder when you first apply your makeup and topping up with the tiniest bit of powder throughout the day can really help. It’ll absorb any oil and will help to matify your face and keep your makeup on. I would recommend this if you have more oily skin as powdering makeup when you have dry skin can result in your foundation going all cakey, but I mean if that’s what you are aiming for I won’t judge, please proceed.

Blotting paper and sponges

When the sun is shining and the sweatiness begins to attack your makeup, something that is a total lifesaver is blotting paper or sponges (yup I didn’t know blotting sponges were a thing either but beauty blender make one and it’s actually pretty cool!). They won’t help to keep your makeup on, if anything they can take your makeup off a little, but using blotting paper or blotting sponges will soak up any oil or sweat from your face. They are actually pretty effective and again will work for all skin types as you aren’t applying anything on top of your makeup, so these really can save your makeup when it is starting to melt away.

Waterproof and smudgeproof products

The next tip again is not a total fix but it will help a great deal, and that is makeup choice. It is also useful for those who have hayfever and struggle with their eyes watering. Cream products will be more likely to melt off your face when you’re all sweaty, so if you can, opt for powder over cream makeup. If you do use cream products choosing a waterproof or smudgeproof formula if possible will help prevent the makeup from shifting southwards as the day progresses, especially when it comes to eyeliner or mascara, as I find they are the main culprits when it comes to makeup meltage.

Go makeup free!

My final tip is the one that is the most effective and the one I personally use most when it’s really warm and I start to melt. Don’t even bother with makeup! Seriously reduce your makeup routine to an SPF and a lipbalm or lip gloss with SPF. Your makeup can’t melt off your face or run away when you aren’t wearing any! Just enjoy the weather and give your skin a well earned break and a chance to breathe. Just remember to still protect your skin from the sun, even your lips, because a burnt face will not be fun!

So those are my top five tips and tricks to sweat proof makeup for the summer. I hope you found them useful and I also hope that you enjoyed reading this. I will see you all next week, bye x

2 thoughts on “5 tips for sweat proof makeup!

  1. I love these tips – I use all of them except the blotting papers on a daily basis when its hot! I have dry skin so never feel the need for that! My favourite is the no makeup!xo


  2. Awh thank you so much, glad you enjoyed reading! I never felt the need for blotting papers either as I also have dry skin but I used them last summer when it was really warm and was weirdly surprised with how well they worked. X


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