Five ways to be ready in five!

Some days things don’t quite go to plan and you have to get ready in a rush. Either you’ve slept through that millionth alarm or you just have to wake up suuuuper early and want to put the least amount of effort into getting ready but look like you’ve put all the effort in. Pretty soon people will be starting to go back to school, university and work after a summer break and will be going through that post-holiday morning struggle and early mornings will become a reality again. As someone who absolutely hates mornings and will sleep in for as long as I can without ending up being late, I have gathered a few tricks that can help me get ready pretty quickly. I am going to share these with you today, some of them may seem kind of obvious or a little bit stupid, but they work (well they work for me anyway) so here are my five ways to be ready in five minutes (kinda, may take a bit longer but I like the way that title sounds so that’s what I’m sticking with).


I am going to start with probably a bit of an obvious trick and it does seem kinda simple but it really does make a difference, and that is planning ahead. This especially works if you know you are going to be a bit short of time but it is still a way to save you time in the morning. Do as much as you can the night before, plan your outfit and accessories and lay them out so you don’t have to spend ages searching for something to wear, choose what makeup you want to wear and lay those out too. Even showering at night instead of in the morning can really save you time on getting ready and makes the mornings a little more tolerable, as even in the most zombiest of states you can still get ready fast. This also works if you don’t have to be in a rush in the morning, planning in advance saves you time, and that means that you can spend the time you have saved sleeping and who doesn’t love sleeping, you’re welcome.

Laying out makeup

Tip number two is another easy one and it is simply cutting down on the amount of makeup you use. When time is short you won’t have time to apply a full face of makeup, so taking out the most time consuming steps of your beauty routine will help you get ready faster. Depending on how much time you have, cutting out on anything that takes you more than 40-60 seconds will really speed up your routine on days when you don’t have much time. For me applying my foundation and eye shadow takes the most time so when I’m in a rush I don’t even go near them and head straight for my eyebrow pencil.

makeup selection

And that nicely leads to tip number three and that is sticking to only three products when you are in a rush. In addition to cutting out the time consuming steps, using only three products will help you get ready even faster and will save you loads of time. My top two options for this is either; mascara, brows and concealer, or mascara, brows and lipstick. For me it really depends on how bad the eye bags are, some days I might want to use a little concealer, other days I might want to wear lipstick, just depends. Mascara and brows are definitely my staples though, especially since they can make you look slightly more awake and can also help you look a bit more put together when in a zombie like state.

makeup picks

Tip number four is about styling your hair. If you find you have a little time left over and want to spend that time curling your hair for example, there is a trick that can speed that process right up. Separate your hair into one or two ponytails, then just curl sections of hair within the ponytail. Once you are finished take out the hairbobbles, add some hairspray if you have the time and that’s you finished. It’s probably the quickest way to curl your hair, it wont be super neat but the curls will still be there and you could always curl extra sections once you have finished. Where you place the ponytail will effect where the curls start, for example, the higher the pony tail the higher the curls will be on the top layer of hair but will start lower down on the lower layers of hair. Because of this I would recommend splitting your hair into two and have one high ponytail and one lower down if you are wanting the curls to start at a more uniform height.

Curly hair

My last tip is pretty much the same as the last one, just a different method and can be done the night before. Everybody probably knows this, actually I’m pretty sure most people do know this, but putting your hair into braids and leaving them in when you go to sleep leaves your hair all nice and curly when you undo them in the morning. Of course the thickness of you hair, how big the braids are and how long you leave them in will all alter the end result, but for most people it will end in lovely beachy waves, (my hair ends up in a frizzy cloud due to my frizzy thin hair but hey, it works for most people).


So those were five ways to get ready in five minutes (sorta) and I hope you enjoyed it, (let me know if you did, I like hearing what you all have to say). Let me know in the comments as well if there are any tips that you have that are different than mine. Please like this post if you enjoyed reading it and if you want to read more of my ramblings you can follow this blog to be notified when I post something new (how exciting). So I shall see you all next week and thank you all for reading, bye x

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