How I help my skin survive winter!

Hello everyone and welcome to blogmas day four! Today I want to share with you all my winter skincare routine. I have really dry sensitive skin and whenever winter comes around there are times when it pretty much resembles sandpaper, and I’ll be honest with you I’m not the type of person who can be bothered spending half an hour every morning and night using five million fancy skincare products. So I’ve managed to stick to a skincare routine that’s perfect if you’re as lazy as me! Of course everybody has different skin types so what works for me might not work for you but this is just what I do.

Okay, so skincare is great and all but it won’t solve everything, I’m no dermatologist or anything but I do know that staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water is super important! I really notice a change in my skin when I’ve not been drinking enough water, my skin looks dull and actually pretty gross, to be honest I kind of look like a zombie, so drinking plenty of water is a must for me!

Okay so now on to the actual skin care, I only use three things. A moisturiser for the day, a night cream and lip balm. That’s it, I don’t go using all these fancy toners or oils or serums or any of that, I literally take my makeup off, wash my face and slap some moisturiser on. And honestly my skin is thanking me for it, in the past when I’ve used serums and toners and oils and all the fancy stuff my skin just felt a bit odd. So I just keep it simple.
The moisturiser and night cream I use are from Nivea and my family absolutely swears by it. The one I use is for dry and sensitive skin so it just works perfectly for me and makes my skin glow. I’ve really noticed a change in my skin since simplifying my skin care routine so making sure that your moisturiser and other skin care products are the right ones for you skin is mega important!
I also make sure I apply a lip balm every night and morning to help protect them from the cold weather. There’s nothing worse than chapped lips when the weather is cold because that’s just painful so I always make sure I have a lip balm with me. My favourite is Carmex and again I have only recently started using it but I absolutely love it! 
So that is my winter skincare, as I said it’s really short and simple but it really does help my skin survive winter and it works perfectly for me. I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading and let me know what skin care products you love because I’d love to know! Thank you very much for reading and I will see you all tomorrow for day five of blogmas, bye x

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