Christmas gift guide – High street beauty

Hello and welcome to day six of blogmas and day two of my Christmas gift guides! Yesterday I shared with you all my luxury and high-end gift guide and today I am sharing with you all my high street beauty gift guide. I have a whole range of products to give you a bit of inspiration on what to get the beauty addict in your life without breaking the bank!

So just like last time I am going to start with palettes. Makeup revolution make some really lovely palettes, I have found them to be of really good quality and their range of products is really quite impressive. They have some really beautiful shades but personally I would recommend their flawless matte palettes. So I would definitely recommend these palettes as they would make lovely gifts!

There are also some really beautiful high street perfumes, my all time favourites are those made by ghost! I love these perfumes, they have such a wide range of scents so there will be one for everyone. I could honestly not say enough good things about these scents because they really are just lovely. My favourites are Ghost Sweetheart and Ghost Night. Again keep an eye out for those perfume gift sets because they make great gifts for Christmas.

Again lipstick sets are great gifts for beauty lovers this time of year. The lip kits that Barry M make in particular are absolutely outstanding, the colours are gorgeous and are honestly of such good quality you would think they were from a luxury brand, so I 100% recommend these to anyone looking for a lip kit. Again you could always make your own, NYX make some amazing liquid lipsticks and lip creams, so all you need to do is pair one of these with a matching lip liner.

And finally brushes. Real Techniques are really dominating the high street beauty game when it comes to brushes, they are really affordable and again you would think they would be double the price! Makeup Revolution also make some really beautiful brushes so I would check those out too. The final brand of brushes I am going to talk about I actually mentioned yesterday in my high end gift guide and that is morphe. Their brushes are incredibly affordable but again are of an outstanding quality. The reason I put these in my high end gift guide is because many makeup artists love these brushes and if I’m right you can only find these online here in the uk but honestly they are 100% worth it and would be an amazing gift to receive.

So that was my high street beauty gift guide. I hope you enjoyed reading and that you have some ideas for any Christmas presents you are looking for. Thank you so much for reading and I will see you all tomorrow for yet another Christmas gift guide, bye x

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