Christmas gift guide – DIY hampers

Christmas hampers are great. They are 100% customisable to the tastes of whoever you are buying for so make really lovely gifts. They could literally have anything in them and I love that, so in today’s gift guide I am going to share some hampers you can make for your loved ones this Christmas. And by hampers I’m not meaning those ones where you get a Christmas pudding, a couple of jars of chutney and a bottle of wine. I’m meaning hampers tailored to specific interests, unless you are wanting a hamper that has a Christmas pudding, a couple of jars and chutney and a bottle of wine. So anyway let’s get started!
So my first hampers is one for film lovers and is great to create the perfect movie night in. All you need is to select a few films you know they will love, you can now add whatever you wish. My personal recommendations are bags of popcorn or microwaveable popcorn, alongside their favourite snacks. Hot chocolate and a bag of mini marshmallows is also a great idea, you could even throw in a really comfy blanket or pyjamas and some fluffy socks. This is the perfect movie night hamper and is bound to go down a treat.
The second hamper is one for people who like to treat themselves every now and again and have a pamper day. Start your hamper with a really nice dressing gown and a pair of comfy slippers. Then add a variety of face masks, bath bombs, other bath products like bubble bath or bath oils. Finish off the hamper with the best smelling relaxing candle and you have the perfect pamper hamper.
You can also create a hamper for the bakers in your life. Start of with a really pretty large mixing bowl and fill it full of measuring spoons, a wooden spoon, an apron, cookie cutters and any other baking accessories you wish to add. For example you could add some really cute sprinkles or even little jars full of with the dry ingredients to their favourite recipes weighed out, just make sure to add instructions on a label on how to make each item. You could even go all out and pop in a recipe book, the possibilities are endless but they are a really great gift to receive!
My final hamper is for the coffee and tea drinkers. For this you could either stick to coffee or tea or merge them together for one mega hamper but I’ll describe each one separately. For the tea lovers, start with a really pretty teapot, add a mug, tea leaf strainer as well as a variety of teas. I know some tea companies such as tea pigs or the bluebird tea company do small sample packs so you could add a few different flavours for them to try, or just add their favourite tea to make it more personalised. For the coffee lovers, start with a cafetière and a coffee mug. Then finish it off with a variety of coffee beans, again you can choose varieties they haven’t tried or add their favourite kind.
So those were my DIY Christmas hampers, there are just so many possibilities and honestly there are so many more hampers I could talk about. Thank you very much for reading, I hoped you enjoyed this post and I will see you all tomorrow, bye x

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