A day in the life – Pantomime edition!

Hello everyone and welcome to blogmas day ten (and also technically day nine). Yesterday was our local pantomime’s last performance after three months of rehearsals and four performances (would have been five if storm caroline didnt get in the way). I have been involved in the theatre for more than half my life and panto has been a mega big part of that. For those of you who doesn’t know what a pantomime is, it is a typically British play usually performed in December (but I know quite a lot go through to January as well), they’re based around fairytales and the best fun! To be quite honest though you would probably be better off just searching it online cause I’m rubbish at describing things! Anyway since it was our last day and we had two performances instead of one I decided to do a little day in the life so you could see what it’s like to be in a panto. So enjoy! 

Okay so my panto day started at 11am. I had already been up for a few hours and had gone for a shower and put on my moisturiser so I was ready to start on my makeup. I didn’t do anything special for my makeup because I actually wasn’t on stage, (I was actually a puppeteer this year so me and one other cast member had a little puppet theatre adjoined to the stage so no one actually saw my face so I could do whatever makeup I wanted). I just did my usual everyday makeup which I will post on here very soon. But anyway I sat and did my makeup and had something to eat. 

So at half past twelve it was time to go. Since it was a Saturday we had a performance in the afternoon which started at 2pm so I had to be there in plenty of time. When I arrived I made sure I had the puppet and all of its costumes and props all sorted and in order to start then went through to start on the cast’s makeup. For the past few years I have done the makeup for our theatre company’s pantomimes and this year was no different. I only had the pantomime dame’s makeup to do this year so makeup didn’t take me long at all. After that it was time for the show!

5pm and the show is now finished, the audience have left and we are now crowding around a giant pile of takeout pizzas! I know a lot of actors say that you should never eat dairy before a performance but you know, it’s pizza, pizza tastes good! So we sit and eat and just chat and honestly it was so lovely, it’s times like this when your little theatre group feels like a family and I had the best time, and the best pizza.
6.15pm and it’s time to start all over again, I redo any makeup that needed to be redone and get myself ready for performance number two. It’s kind of bittersweet as although it’s been such a good day, it’s also the last performance so we are all getting ready for the last time.

At 10pm the show is all done and everything is being packed up. There is a feeling of sadness that panto is over but also there is a sense of relief that the show went so well. Everyone is now getting ready for the cast party. And that’s where my day ended. 
So that was my panto edition of a day in the life. I have loved being part of this production and honestly it wouldn’t be Christmas without it. This has been a little bit of a different blog post than usual and I really hoped you enjoyed reading it. Honestly this was really just a post so that I can look back at this day and remember how great it was. So anyway thank you very much for reading and I will see you all tomorrow, bye x

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