My Winter Morning Routine 

Now I know what you are all thinking, Maeva I have seen so many winter morning routines floating around, why should I have to read yours too? And to that I honestly have no idea as I am a very boring human being but I am also very nosey and love to read other people’s morning routines so I thought I would post my own. And here it is for you to enjoy (or question why you have just wasted five minutes of your life reading this). Here’s the thing though, I’m not going to lie to you, this isn’t my routine every morning. This is my ‘I actually have my shit together’ morning routine because my lazy morning routine literally consists of me waking up late, brushing my teeth then sitting on the couch in my dressing gown and drinking a cup of tea, trying to convince myself to do something productive but instead watching Homes Under The Hammer. And although that seems like great fun it’s not too interesting to read about so here’s my ‘I have my shit together morning routine’, which is a little bit more interesting (but not much) so enjoy my loves!
So I usually start my mornings with a battle to wake up, I’m really not a morning person and would quite happily spend my mornings sleeping but since getting two puppies I now have to be a morning person. So I usually wake up around half eight, go brush my teeth and everything and then go see to the pups, this usually consists of me running around with poo bags and a kitchen roll accompanied by the words “no no no don’t pee there!” So ya know, starting the day off with a bit of fun.
Then I go for a shower and when I get out of the shower I start on my skin care routine, and if you have read my blog post about how I help my skin through winter you know exactly what that is. So I apply my moisturiser and any makeup I feel like wearing that day. I always make sure to apply some hair oil to the lengths and ends of my hair as well to help look after it a bit, after dyeing my hair neon pink for four months my hair isn’t in the best condition so I make sure I look after it the best I can.
Then I go and sit on the sofa with my cup of tea and watch Homes Under The Hammer (or whatever is on tv at the time), anyway after I’ve drank my tea and eaten whatever breakfast I have managed to put together in my usual zombie-like morning state I will start on my university work. I am currently doing my degree at home with the Open University and honestly I am loving it, and since I am in my final year I am spending a lot of time at the moment either reading or writing essays so I usually get that done in the morning. If you want me to write a blog post about my experience studying with the OU please let me know.
And that’s it, that’s my morning routine and like I said it is so very boring but like, I’m not going to pretend that I am really interesting for the sake of a blog post. But anyway I hope you enjoyed reading and thank you very much for putting up with me spamming blog posts most days this month. Thank you all for reading and I will see you tomorrow, bye x

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