My Winter Beauty Essentials!

Winter is one of my favourite times of the year for makeup. Everything is just so glamorous and although my makeup usually consists of giant eyeliner that practically covers my whole eyelid, something about this time of year just screams red lipstick and loads of sparkles and I just love it! So today I thought I would share with you all my beauty essentials for winter.

My first essential is red lipstick and this is a staple for me during the winter. When it comes to makeup, nothing says Christmas like a red lip. There are so many different types of red lipstick out there but my favourites are definitely matte or liquid lipsticks. I always tend to go for more blue based reds too as they just suit my skin colour more, plus there’s the added bonus of blue based lipsticks making your teeth look whiter! My essential red lipstick this time of year is definitely Urban Decay’s ‘Iracebeth’ from their Alice Through the Looking Glass collection and their ‘Crimson’ liquid lipstick. So red lipstick is an essential!

My second essential is champagne coloured eyeshadows. I always love a shimmery or sparkly eyeshadow this time of year, as it’s just not winter without sparkles is it? I usually tend to wear more subtle champagne or rose gold shades as silver just doesn’t suit me that much and since I am so pale, gold is just way too dark for my skin tone. So champagne it is! My favourites are the champagne shade in the Too Faced ‘Chocolate Bar’ palette and the more rose gold shade in the Laura Geller Iconic New York ‘uptown chic’ palette.

I also think that false lashes are an essential. I just feel like they compliment the glamorous makeup styles of the season and they really do complete any look. My favourite lashes are Eylure’s Luxe lashes in ‘Cameo’, I just think they are absolutely beautiful. I’ve been wearing this style so much in the past few weeks, so they are definitely an essential!

Glowy skin is my fourth essential, again I just really think it compliments the makeup styles of this season. Just like my eyeshadow I love to go for a champagne shade in my highlighter but again since I’m so pale even that can be too dark, so honestly I just go with whatever highlighter doesn’t look like a blush on me. I love Urban Decay’s Sin highlighter, especially the liquid version of it as it really looks beautiful, it’s just the tiniest bit too dark on me but it’s really lovely. So highlighter is another essential for me!

My final essential is sparkly nail varnish. I always love sparkly nails, especially when Christmas and New Year’s Eve is right around the corner! I don’t have a favourite nail varnish but I always love the way a holographic glitter looks on a dark grey nail varnish, so I tend to just go for a clear glitter nail varnish and put it over any nail varnish I feel like.

So those were my winter beauty essentials and I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you all very much for reading and I will see you all tomorrow, bye x

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