My Winter Night Routine! (Yay!)

You’ve been bored by my morning routine. You’ve read all of the far more interesting night routines. And now, I present to you all, my majorly mediocre, just as boring as my morning routine… my night routine!! Yaaaaayyyy!!! I can just hear all the eyes rolling and the semi-enthusiastic excitement!! But all joking (but not really) aside I am going to be sharing my night routine with you all today and guess what?! It’s just as boring as my morning routine but I’m going to share it with you all anyway because I feel like it.

So my night routine really depends on the time of year. From about September to early December it is panto season for me and my nights usually consist of rehearsals. However panto is now finished for the year and I’m in the full Christmas spirit, so my night routine isn’t as hectic and more relaxed. My night usually starts with me changing into either leggings and a massively oversized hoodie or my pyjamas and I go through to the living room and just wrap myself in a blanket on the sofa.

I then sit and eat dinner with my family and watch whatever is on the tv. We will quite often watch a film, and I’ll just spend the next few hours watching the telly, playing with the dogs and catching up on any uni work I have to do (or writing essays). Then when I feel like I am about to fall asleep it’s time for me to get ready for bed.

I will go and take my makeup off using whatever makeup remover I can find, but let’s be honest for a moment a lot of the time I use a makeup remover wipe. I will then moisturise my face with my Nivea night cream and Carmex lip balm (blog post about my morning skincare routine found here, hehe) and then I’m off to bed.

Now just like everyone else my age, when I am so unbelievably tired to the point where I’m about to fall asleep at any second, I naturally spend the next 3+ hours wide awake looking through Instagram or watching YouTube videos. I will usually sit and watch gaming videos because although I blog about makeup I do really like my gaming, sometimes I will actually sit and play my PlayStation for a few hours. Once I get to that point where I really am tired and practically falling asleep and almost dropping my iPad on my nose (done that before by the way, it really hurts, wouldn’t recommend it), I then turn everything off, set my alarm and go to sleep.

So there we go that was my night routine and blogmas day 16! Thank you all very much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. I will see you all tomorrow for another blogmas post, bye x

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