How to up your NYE makeup game with glitter.

Glitter is probably as equally awful as it is great but it really is its time to shine when it comes to New Years Eve makeup. It can really transform a look and make your makeup so pretty and sparkly, plus there’s the added bonus of your face staying sparkly for the next five years cause we all know glitter stays forever! Anyway since everyone will probably be looking for makeup ideas I thought I would tell you all how to use glitter in your makeup. 
Okay so there are three different styles when it comes to using glitter; subtle, not so subtle, and finally, human disco ball. And we are going to address all today. But one thing to note first, please only use glitter that is made for makeup, don’t go using craft glitter because it is way too sharp and I don’t want any of you to hurt yourselves!
First up is the subtle sparkles. Using a glitter eyeliner in the inner corner of your eye can just lighten up any look, it adds a bit of interest and can look really pretty. It’s up to you how much you want to use, you can add just a teensy bit to add a slight shimmer or go ham so your makeup screams “LOOK AT THIS GLITTER!! LOOK HOW SHINEY IT IS!!!!” It’s really up to you but it does look so pretty and is a subtle way to add glitter into your look.
If subtle isn’t really your thing but you don’t want to resemble a disco ball, why not try glitter eyeliner. Do your eyeliner as normal and then take your glitter of choice and apply it on top. You could either use glitter eyeliner for this (the easiest option) or by applying cosmetic glitter with either a glitter adhesive (too faced makes one of these) or eyelash glue. This is a bit more messy but the look is still there. It’s not so subtle but not so loud either, just the perfect in between.  If that’s not your thing either why not cover your whole eyelid in glitter!! You can keep it simple with a classic gold or go full unicorn with bright purples and pinks. Just have fun with it! Barry M makes some beautiful glitters that are not too pricey so there are plenty of options for you!
Finally, the human disco ball look. Why stick to just one when you can have all the glitter on your face?! Apply it on top of your cheekbones as a highlighter, add it to your lipgloss and if you wanted to go all out you could even put it in your hair! I’m not going to lie to you though, to me hair glitter is just strange, it just looks like sparkly dandruff but ah well. Anyway have fun with it!

So those were a couple of ways you can use glitter to improve your NYE makeup game. As I said just have fun with it but do use makeup glitter only, especially near your eyes! Anyway thank you all so much for reading, I hope you all had a magical Christmas if you celebrate it and a very happy New Year to you all. I will see you all next year, bye x

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