New beginnings … sort of

Congratulations, throughout the whole internet you have somehow managed to land on my blog (well done you!). If you are new to this blog hello, my name is Maeva, nice to meet you. If you aren’t new to this blog and have been here before, welcome back, you’ve probably noticed that we are looking a little different and you know what, that’s perfectly okay, sometimes we need a little change.

This blog has undergone a little makeover recently. This year I have been absolutely desperate to start writing again, but you know what? I just haven’t felt the inspiration to write and I won’t force myself to write anything because then it’s not real and honestly would end up quite terrible. So I decided to step back, get my shit together and start fresh. So welcome to it’smemaeva! A makeup and lifestyle blog for the socially awkward by a socially awkward! (Well actually this blog is for everyone but that just had a nice ring to it).

Don’t worry I’m still going to write about the same stuff that I used to but I’m wanting to be a little more “me”. Not that I wasn’t me before but I wasn’t as me as I wanted to be. I want to be more me and that is exactly what this blog is going to be. So expect blog posts about makeup and all the other random stuff that I wanna ramble about but in my own little sarcastic socially awkward kind of way . I’m going to share with you exactly what I am feeling and be 100% real with you all. I’ve always been scared about what people truly think when reading this blog and I’m always scared to say something that might be wrong. But if we aren’t willing to just jump in and enjoy the journey we can’t get to where we wanna go, know what I mean?

So let me introduce myself to you all. My name is Maeva (so nice to meet you) and I am obsessed with all things makeup and Disney. I am probably the most socially awkward human you will ever meet and honestly I am probably a bit too sarcastic for my own good. My style changes constantly depending on how I’m feeling. Some days I wear darker clothes with dark eyeshadow and a dark lipstick and other days I wear the brightest colours possible. But one thing will always stay the same … I bloody love a good winged eyeliner that is big enough to be seen from space.

So here we are. A new start, a new me (but not really cause I was still me before, but like, a me who is more me than the last one). Anyway, if you love makeup and lifestyle blogs, or would just like to read more of my ramblings in general feel free to follow this blog, I hope you enjoy your stay!

That’s all for now but stay tuned, there’s new blog posts coming your way!

See you soon,



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