My top 5 Disneyland Paris faves!

So I’ve recently been away on holiday to the wonderfully magical Disneyland Paris and oh my god was it fantastic! I was there for just under a week and honestly I could live in that place. The parks had the most amazing atmosphere, and the attention to detail was spectacular, Disney really know how to do a theme, and my god was the food great. I’ve been trying to think for a few weeks now on a blog post that could capture how amazing this holiday was and honestly I’m still struggling so I’m going to try and compact it all into a favourites post so here goes…

5: the atmosphere!

The atmosphere in both parks was something else. Music was played that matched the area of the park you were in, everything was decorated really well and the smell of sweet popcorn filled the air (which was kind of weird but still really great). Everyone was just really happy and excited and it was fantastic, it’s virtually impossible to be in a bad mood there! The atmosphere during the parade and the illuminations in particular were amazing and everyone was in awe and it was just a magical experience.

4: Disney Illuminations

One of the highlights of my trip was seeing the illuminations on the Disney castle as the park closed. We watched them three times but to be honest we only managed to see them properly once as the other two times our view disappeared very quickly due to people putting their kids on their shoulders and so on, but I mean it’s Disney of course that’s going to happen. But when I did manage to see it, it was absolutely spectacular! I’ve never seen anything like it, and if you ever go to Disney you have to go see it! They last around twenty minutes and leaving the park afterwards takes forever due to the number of people but it’s totally worth it.

3: The rides

A bit of an obvious one but my god were the rides fun. I think I went on pretty much all of the rides except for the ones meant for tiny humans and a couple where the lines were always too long. My faves were Star Tours and the Pirates of the Caribbean rides and I went on those every day! Star Tours was different every time we went on it too which was fab! I also loved Big Thunder Mountain, Indiana Jones and Crush’s Coaster but the lines were always really long for those. I would definitely recommend using extra magic hours for Crush’s Coaster but in general a good tip is to go queue for Big Thunder Mountain or Crush’s Coaster after you’ve eaten, because then by the time you’ve reached the ride your food has settled, so you won’t have to walk around for a bit looking for a ride that isn’t too fast. But all the rides were brilliant and the lines were decorated and themed really well, so even if you were waiting for ages you had something to look at and it wasn’t so boring.

2: we love a good theme!

One thing that I said multiple times every single day I was there is that Disney really know how to do a theme! The parks were all themed really well. When you were on Main Street you felt like you were on an actual street, when you were in Frontierland it was really like you were in the Wild West. In Hollywood Studios it felt like you really were behind the scenes of a real movie and don’t even get me started on the Toy Story world! That place was spectacular, the benches were made of giant dominoes and the fences were made of various kinds of connecting toys. It was fabulous! Disney really know how to do a theme! The lines to the rides were also themed really well Star Tours was laid out like an airport and had various films and characters dotted about. Pirates of the Caribbean was set out like a Caribbean town at night and Indiana Jones was set out like a campsite. It was all really well thought of and the attention to detail was something else.

1: all the foods!

It’s safe to say that you’re never going to go hungry in Disney. There were so many different kinds of foods to eat it was almost overwhelming. It didn’t help that there was a food festival on at the time, which really made decisions on what to eat more difficult but everything I ate there was so good! I will say that if you are going to Disney you NEED to get one of the meal plans because if not it’s going to get very pricey very quickly, we were on the half board plus plan and it was perfect for what we needed. Another tip is to book ahead. If there’s any restaurants that you’re really wanting to go to, book before you leave for Disney to avoid any disappointment, the phone number is on the Disney website.

Anyway that was a bit of a different post, back to normal not so scheduled ramblings next time. Just had to get all these thoughts out of my brain find somewhere to put them. I hope this post was somewhat useful if you are planning to go to Disney some time soon, I will probably do a more detailed post about useful Disneyland info in the future. Anyway see you all soon!

M x

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