Spotlight : Captain Jack’s – Restaurant des Pirates

So last week on the blog I told you all about my top five favourite things in the parks and I mentioned a particular restaurant. I only wrote a small paragraph so you could get the feel of the place but I felt like it needed more. So, I thought I would do a whole blog post dedicated to Captain Jack’s – Restaurant des Pirates. This is hands down my favourite restaurant in the whole of Disneyland Paris and I’m aware that it’s somewhere that not everyone gets a chance to eat at due to its higher price point and reservations being harder to get than a face to face meeting with Mickey. So let’s time travel back to October 2019 and eat at Captain Jack’s with me. Also prepare from some shockingly low quality photos as it is so dark in the restaurant it’s difficult to take photos in there.

Like I said… shockingly low quality photos…

So this was actually quite a last minute trip for us, we booked just over two months ahead of our trip but that meant that we were still early enough to book our dining reservations when the reservations opened up a couple of weeks later. It’s super important to book your dining reservations in advance (2 months before your check in date) especially if you want to eat at the more popular restaurants such as Captain Jack’s and Bistrot Chez Remy, otherwise you’ll find it almost impossible to eat there. It’s the main bit of advice I give people when it comes to Disneyland and it’s one that people seem to be the most shocked by.

So anyway back to our time travel. We had a dinner reservation at about 6pm, we were greeted by a lovely cast member and taken into the main area of the restaurant. Now I like to do my research and through various blogs and YouTube videos as well as sailing past the place on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride an almost embarrassing number of times I knew what to expect. However, walking into that restaurant was still one of the most surreal things ever! It was decorated to look like the Caribbean at nighttime and was full of lanterns and decking to give the appearance that we were outside. It was so stunning and it was so immersive I didn’t feel like I was inside let alone in Disneyland. Then something more surreal happened, we got a table next to the ride… as in right next to the ride. There was literally one table between us and the water of Pirates of the Caribbean. Won’t lie . . . I cried a little bit.

Am I outside? Am I inside? Where am I?

On this trip we had the standard plus meal plan, I will write a blog post in the future going into more detail with the different meal plans but I really recommend them if you’re going to be eating at the more expensive or table service restaurants. Normally with standard plus the table service restaurants will have a set menu that the plan covers but you can also choose from the premium plan menus or a la carte menus and then pay the difference that your plan doesn’t cover. With this particular dining plan we were able to get one of the three course set menus included in our plan (as mentioned in my last post it appears that they have removed most of the set menus and the one we chose from isn’t there any more . . . I cry).

The glorious starter aforementioned… also can we take a moment to appreciate how cool these plates are… They’re triangular!!

So on to the food… the most important and exciting part in my opinion! For my starter I had the cod fritters with fried cassava, tamarind sauce and Creole cabbage salad and oh my goodness it was magnificent! I had never had cassava before and I still can’t tell you what exactly it is but I can tell you that I really, really enjoyed it. The cod fritters themselves were also incredible, they were really delicate which is a weird way to describe food I know but I can’t really think of a better word for it, they were like delectable little cod clouds. It was one of those moments that from the first bite I knew we had made an excellent choice choosing to eat there. Unfortunately when looking at the menu on the Disneyland Paris website this doesn’t appear to be on the set menu at the moment but if you choose to eat from the à la carte menu it will be €17.99 (prices from March 2021 for future reference). It is 100% worth the price though!

Mmmmm foooood

For my main I chose the Kingfish but unfortunately that isn’t on the menu anymore, the closest thing currently is the Oven-baked Mahi-Mahi fish steak with coconut sauce and bell peppers, if you want a similar experience. Again this was spectacular, the fish was cooked perfectly, I was a bit sceptical about the coconut when ordering but it worked so well. The vegetables were also so good, I even liked the aubergine (eggplant) and I normally can’t stand aubergine so that’s just how good this meal was, like we are talking miracles here. Now the Mahi-Mahi is on the current standard plus meal plan, which is called the “Pirates Treasure Menu” but if you’re eating à la carte it will set you back about €35.99. I would also like to mention that the portion sizes in this place are quite big, after the amazing starter, I started struggling to finish things, but with a bit perseverance and believing in myself . . . I managed, even if I did roll back to the hotel!

The excellent high quality not blurry photo in question… honestly though this dessert was everything!

Finally and probably the thing people want to hear about most . . . dessert. I had the Tonka bean flavoured chocolate tart with vanilla ice cream and spice-infused syrup. And let me tell you, this was probably the best dessert I have eaten in the whole of Disneyland. It’s between this and the cheesecake in Annettes diner. Now as you can see from this totally not blurry, excellent HD quality photo, it just looks like a standard chocolate tart, but let me tell you dear friend it is not that at all! With the tonka bean and spiced syrup it is the most warming chocolate tart I’ve ever eaten (even though it’s a cold tart) it was the perfect end to a somewhat cold and rainy day. Also I’ll say it now, the Vanilla ice cream in Disneyland Paris table service restaurants is probably the best vanilla ice cream I have ever had. Again this isn’t on the current set menu as I am writing this and this baby will set you back €15.99 but again it is soooooo worth it!

The mystery cocktail of dreams

We also had a cocktail and it came in a really fancy cup with bamboo straws but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was called and what was in it. It’s not on the online menu either so it will forever be a mystery but I remember it tasting really fruity and wasn’t too strong. Unfortunately because this cocktail is a mystery I can’t find the price for it but I’d say it’ll be a similar price to other cocktails in the park, based on the prices of the cocktails in Café Fantasia in the Disneyland Hotel, you could be looking at around € 16.99.

So as I said at the start I had the standard plus meal plan so all of this was included, however if you aren’t on the dining plan and want to eat from the set menu, the current set menu is priced at €41.99. If you are on the premium meal plan anything from the menu will be included. The standard plus plan would also cover part of the costs for eating a la carte but as previously mentioned you would have to pay the difference.

So that is our little time travel adventure for today. I hope this has been helpful for anyone who is hoping to eat here on their next trip or if you just wanted to be nosey to see what the place is like (I am definitely one of those people). If you want to have a look at the menu you can find it on both the Disneyland Paris app or the website and drool over all the amazing meals they have on offer! This weeks “Movies Maeva watches whilst writing her blog post”, is Beetlejuice, one of my favourite films of all time!

If you liked this post please give it a like and comment to tell me if you’ve ever eaten here and what your favourite thing to eat here is! Also if you want to be notified whenever I post, please give this blog a follow and follow me on Instagram where I post multiple times a week and ramble about random Disney stuff. See you all next time!

M x

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